The adage “Health Is Wealth” rings true for me. Even if a person is extremely wealthy, it will be difficult or impossible for him or her to fully enjoy life if they are in poor health.

health without wealth or wealth without health? I’ll go with the former without a second thought. There’s no doubt about it at all.

It’s common to think of wealth as a measure of how much money a person has, or how wealthy he is. My uncle is a millionaire. Everything anyone could possibly wish for and other things that no one dares to hope for are all in his grasp. That’s how well-off he really is. Huge dobermans and high-tech burglar alarms surround his massive mansion. He owns a large collection of luxury cars, artwork, and other luxuries. He may have everything else, but he’s not in great shape.

He always has a medication bag with him, no matter where he goes. Because of his weak heart, diabetes, and hypertension, he must take medicines every day. He is in his sixties and has spent most of his life amassing money. He has unquestionably made a fortune from his business endeavors. Then again, he’s also managed to turn into a really unhealthy person. He complains about his deteriorating health and wishes he could go back in time and be as healthy as he once was. He will not be able to recover his health, sadly.

I don’t want to follow in the footsteps of someone who is rich but unhealthy. To have so much money but not be able to enjoy it is ludicrous. Taking so much medicine every day to keep alive is a waste of money. Disease and agony impair one’s physique, so how can one enjoy life? That explains why my uncle is so sad.

To be healthy, you don’t need money at all. That’s all I got at the moment. I don’t have to stress about what I can and cannot eat or do at all. Because my body is in good shape, I eat and exercise as I choose. There are no drugs or excessive exertion on my part. As a result, I’m in good shape. As a result, I maintain my health.

A healthy body means a happy workday for me. That’s fine if I get wealthy. Alternatively, I may lose my wealth, which would be fine with me. Even if I’m poor, I can still do the things I enjoy. In addition to playing video games, swimming in the ocean, hiking up mountains, and savoring the bounty of nature, I can also do many other enjoyable things. To be happy and healthy is a true blessing.