I grew up on a farm, and the farmer who plants his seed in the spring has taught me a lot. As a farmer, your goal would be to reap a bountiful harvest of healthy and thriving vegetables.

When a farmer sows his seed in fertile soil, he is prepared to nurture, weed, and patiently wait for it to mature. As with any successful seed plan for weight loss, finding a good seed, planting it, nurturing it, weeding out undesirables, and being patient for the plan to grow is an important part of the process.

I’d like to ask you something. Is the farmer planting the seed today expecting a full harvest by the end of the week? “Of course not,” is the most logical response. He understands that he must be patient and allow the seed to mature before harvesting. It’s important that we allow our health and fitness plan time to take root in our daily routines and become a habit.

The deeper the roots, the better the results will be. In order to get the best out of this diet or that workout, we can’t do it half-heartedly. We must have a deep-seated desire to exercise or adhere to a diet regimen. Let’s take little efforts toward our goals and celebrate our successes by pledging to do it again the next day.

The weeds are going to be there, so be prepared. You can count on the weeds, believe me. It is possible for uncertainty and impatience to creep into our lives and weaken our resolve. Unless we take action, they will wreak havoc on our crops. We need to remove the weeds of self-doubt and impatience as soon as they appear in our gardens. They’ll take over your garden if you even give them a chance.

Let’s take a page from the farmer’s book. The best way to begin is with a well-thought-out strategy, patience, and vigilance in the face of weeds. As a side note, I’ve discovered a simple, healthy lifestyle plan that comes complete with step-by-step instructions and online resources to assist.