No, they’re not. Is There a Place for Home Remedies? Cureology? Cure + “Ology” = “the study of cures” in the most literal sense. What has the potential to work and what has the potential to fail? Listen! This is a critical building block to achieving optimal health without having to take any unnecessary side trips. The question is, do you have the patience to keep looking or do you want to know what works right away?

You can find a wide variety of natural health solutions all around you, but many of them are bogus and may actually harm you. Other home remedies are based on scientific concepts that Mother Nature herself has outlined. In some cases, one remedy is far superior to another. That’s the ones, then. Cureology is a way to get straight to the point and locate the most effective natural treatment solution as quickly as possible. As far as I can tell, what’s going on here

Cureology scours the world’s scientific literature for the greatest natural treatment knowledge. Overwhelming amounts of information abound on the internet and in scientific publications. It’s time for a scientifically based review, followed by an explanation or summary in simple terms.

There is a “we want it all and now” mentality in our society. In other words, if you have a health problem, you obviously want it to go away quickly! How quickly do home remedies and natural remedies work? The “issue” (e.g. appendicitis or tumor) can be removed surgically, and the “ouch” time recuperation period is all that is left. In the same vein, epinephrine (e.g. EpiPen) drugs can save your life if you experience a life-threatening allergic reaction. The same can’t be expected.

What about antibiotics as an example? In a few days, the infection is likely to be gone, thus outcomes may not be instantaneous. There are prescription medications that can alleviate the symptoms of chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure, and even save your life if your BP was as high as 220/160. Natural therapies are also an option, right? If a home treatment or natural medicine seems plausible, how quickly should you expect it to “work?” You should keep in mind that occasionally tortoises are better than hares in the long run.

Pharmaceutics vs. Natural Medicine

Let’s take a reasonable and scientific approach to solving this problem. When it comes to restoring and maintaining good health, natural medicines and at-home cures are readily available. Naturally occurring health is preferable to drug-induced “sorta-health,” because natural health comes without the risk of complications and adverse effects. This “pseudo-health” or “sorta-health” may be essential for a short period of time, but it is not where you want to end up in the long run. For those who want to avoid or lessen their use of prescription drugs, or just desire a natural therapy for their present health issue, when can they expect results?

What Rises, Falls… Faster

Consider it in this light. Do you know how long it took you to notice the issue? Whether you’re suffering from your first-ever case of hay fever or you’ve had diabetes for years or decades, hypertension can take many forms. Are there other possibilities, such indigestion becoming more frequent, or passing a kidney stone that has formed over a period of time? The longer it takes for an issue to develop, the more time it takes to find a long-term solution. Even if you manage to lower your blood pressure naturally, you won’t be able to do it in a matter of days. This means you’re looking at natural cures as a “natural drug,” which is not what you want. Why?

Unpurified and potentially lethal, natural compounds with drug-like potency can be just as harmful as their synthetic counterparts because of the unpredictability of their significant negative effects. However, only under the supervision of a competent and experienced medical practitioner who knows how to balance the danger and benefit and keep you out of trouble can you use these. ” Remember that both natural and manmade “drugs” are chemicals at the biological level (i.e. small molecules that have specific actions on your body). Overdoing it could throw off Mother Nature’s delicate balance, which was put up to keep you healthy in the first place. Natural treatments and home cures can, of course, have a faster effect at lower doses than pharmaceuticals. More to come on that in a second.

At a normal pace, one can achieve natural health and well-being.

From a non-emergency standpoint, the best scientific research on natural medicines pertains to the medicinal and health-promoting properties of specific foods. Why is this so? It’s a more long-term method to promoting health and well-being. Nutritional supplementation for important micronutrients that are lacking in your diet can help you achieve better health through diet, but it won’t happen overnight. As a result of this, it is possible to observe that even when you are very old and accustomed to your current eating habits, changing your diet can have a positive impact on your health. A Mediterranean diet reduced all-cause mortality by 50% in this study of 70-90-year-old men and women. People, there are no medicines out there that can do that! Diet and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in helping you with long-term health issues including diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic degenerative disorders. However, you should not abruptly discontinue taking any medications prescribed to you by your physician. As you embark on a healthy diet and lifestyle, work with your doctor to eliminate the need for these medications.

What’s at Stake

In order to fix a problem, it will take a long time for it to get worse. The anti-natural health approach is to use medicines or high-dose “natural treatments” to disguise the symptoms, but this might really injure you. Natural therapies, on the other hand, can be effective and quick for problems that come and go more quickly. Don’t strive to be a doctor, but take care of your own health. Often, the simplest of tasks prove to be the most difficult. It’s never a good idea to ignore medical advice, but if a basic problem is treated with a sophisticated pharmaceutical pill remedy when a natural one is available, seek a second opinion. It’s possible that these pharmaceutical short-term remedies are just what you need to get some relief from your symptoms, but it’s worth looking into whether a natural remedy with scientific backing is available for preventive and natural health support. It relies on the severity of the ailment to determine how quickly the natural cure works.

You can learn about natural health science by finding out which methods are effective as well as which ones don’t.