Imagine! It’s possible that you were never supposed to be a size 6 in the first place.

Next time you’re attending a family get-together, take a closer look at your immediate family members. Is every one of them the same size and shape? Do they all resemble the ideal human being? Do they all rate a ten on the health and fitness scale, or do you rate a six and a half? It’s possible that everything is just as it should be. Perhaps you, like the rest of the family, were born a flawless seven-year-old.

An honest assessment of your current health and fitness level, as well as realistic expectations for improvement, must be the first step in any fitness program

What if the media instead of striving to make us all the same, broadcasted these concepts on a daily and universal basis? What works for one individual may not work for another. We’re not all the same, and that shouldn’t be the expectation either.

Patience with yourself is the second aspect in your efforts to lose weight and improve your physical condition.

If your honest assessment of yourself in the mirror suggested that shedding a few pounds could be a good idea, then make your expectations ‘fit the crime.’ Stay away from fad diets promising rapid weight loss that are both unrealistic and, to put it mildly, unhealthy. Regardless of your final decision, keep in mind that any excess weight has taken time to accumulate on you. Likewise, it will take some time to let go of it.

An honest assessment of the advertising that we are subjected to on a daily basis is the third consideration.

Is it hard for you to resist the temptation to buy every diet magazine that claims to have the latest and greatest weight-loss secrets? When a new ‘fat burning’ product is touted, do you freeze in your tracks? Is the media generally given too much credence by you? Ask yourself how many times you’ve come across a piece of content that appeared to be educational but was actually a commercial.

You’ve always known that the media’s bills are paid for by ads, of course. However, has it occurred to you that the same media may not be prepared to truthfully publish any detrimental or conflicting information about an advertiser’s product? There are times when we hear statements like “the opinions stated are not necessarily the broadcaster’s opinions,” however doing your own research is never a bad idea. A lot of valuable information can be found. Finding it is as simple as keeping an eye out for it.