Nearly two decades of my professional life have been devoted to the field of personal fitness training. Fitness training methods have evolved throughout the years, including anything from aerobics to circuit training. Even diet plans have undergone a radical transformation. When it comes to workouts and perhaps diets, there seems to be a new fad with each passing year. One thing, though, has not changed. Those who log their programs on a daily basis are more likely to achieve their goals. “Keeping score” is what I refer to it as…. When we maintain track of our progress, we push ourselves harder. Keeping a record of what we didn’t accomplish is the last thing we want to do. Being able to put it down on paper is a whole other ball game, though. Our finances and our car maintenance schedules are far more important to us than our health, haven’t we? What’s going on here? We have nothing without our health.

Set short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. If you anticipate problems from the outset, you’ll have a head start on finding answers. Plan your meals ahead of time if you have a busy day or week ahead of you. It could be a good idea to get up a half-hour early in the morning and complete a little workout before the rest of your day begins so that you can check it off your to-do list. We tend to put our “health and exercises” on the back burner when we’re so occupied with our to-do lists. It doesn’t matter if it’s just 20 minutes of activity; make it happen so that you may feel accomplished and pleased of yourself for keeping track of your progress.

Having a game plan is one of the most appealing aspects of keeping score.

When you keep track of your daily routines, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t. As a feedback tool, it’s useful. Clients are frequently discouraged by their outcomes, and this happens all the time to me. Initially, they think they’re doing everything perfectly, but as they agree to start tracking their program and food, they rapidly identify important modifications that need to be changed and presto, results

When it comes to your fitness and health regimen, consistency is essential. If you stick to my instructions, I guarantee you’ll see results!

If this helps you implement a healthy lifestyle into your everyday routine, please let me know.