Occupational and Environmental Medicine published a study in June 2008 that found that best practice components are common in workplace wellness programs. They conclude that these nine characteristics have the greatest impact on workplace wellness:

Health evaluations, as well as targeted and population-based interventions, should be part of a comprehensive program design. In addition to EAP and disease management programs, qualifying participants may also receive these services.

Visible messaging, organizational health policies, and facilities are all examples of management assistance.

This is a wide-ranging communications strategy that includes many channels customized to the people.

• Health management initiatives are implemented and coordinated by on-site professionals.

• A variety of options for high-risk individuals, including phone, mail, and online coaching.

In order to reach the majority of the people, health awareness campaigns and tailored health education programs are made available.

Preventative measures such as biometric data input and analysis, as well as follow-up protocols, are included in health screenings.

Benefit plan design incentives, such as premium reimbursements and contributions to health savings accounts, are included into the benefit plan design.

As part of the broader population health management strategy, vendors must be included.

These excellent practices were demonstrated by just six of the 22 organizations in the study, and they had a considerable impact on total population risk reduction. Measures like the success of health coaching on an individual basis did not differ between organizations. However, the best-practice organizations were better at attracting the right people to their coaching services, resulting in a greater influence on the population.

Study conclusion: Organizations need a strategic strategy for each quality component to be addressed. As long as all 9 criteria are present, the company will still experience great results, but only if a thorough approach is taken.